Fleece & Thank You

copy-of-fty-logo-pdfTheir mission is to provide donors the unique opportunity to give comfort and hope to children by creating a fleece blanket and a personalized video message. The healing connection fostered by linking blanket makers to children with illnesses allows Fleece & Thank You to cheer them on at the starting line of their treatment journey. Children thrive on love and acceptance. The videos that come from every blanket maker are comforting and inspiring to the child as they realize they are not in this alone; there are people on the outside of the hospital walls who care about their fight.

Fleece & Thank You works with members of the community to make blankets and video messages, and then deliver that comfort to the hospital. Their goal is a simple one: every child in every hospital bed receiving much-needed hope in the form of a colorful, fleece blanket at the start of treatment.

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Fleece & Thank You
22641 Moorgate St.
Novi, MI 48374