Smoke 10 Winter 2016

For the 10th time Know Advertising hosted Smoke benefiting, It was a great night that saw a huge turn out and raised $5000 for the charity.

Excerpt from Detroit News and Chuck Bennett.
Chuck is the creator of and the Fox 2 News Style Ambassador.

“Smoke 10 raises money for

Thick, rich cigar smoke billowed from the London Chop House Cigar Bar on Nov. 17 in celebration of Smoke 10, a benefit for, presented by Know Advertising. A hundred businessmen and a few gutsy ladies made up the sold-out crowd supporting the organization that is committed to encouraging young people to get involved in volunteering and philanthropy early in life. Guests were presented with cigars in plastic bags upon entry and enjoyed an open bar once inside. Know Advertising has hosted Smoke in support of for the past five years, and a total of 10 events, raising over $50,000 for Detroit-based nonprofits. “Smoke 10 had a special significance this year because Know Advertising also celebrated its 10th anniversary,” says Rick Van House, CEO of Know Advertising.”

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